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The City of Newark in collaboration with PromisePay is providing flexible payment plans to residents to pay off past-due residential Water and Sewer Utilities balances over time.

  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Keep your water service active and avoid financial consequences
  • Flexibility when you need it

How to enroll: To learn more about the program and sign up, visit


What is PromisePay?

PromisePay is an online service that makes it easy to pay off your total balance and become debt-free. PromisePay works with Newark Water and Sewer Utilities to offer interest-free payment plans for your debt.

What help is available?

Newark Water and Sewer Utilities is offering interest-free payment plans to help you repay your past-due balance. Customers who enroll in a payment plan for their outstanding balance will be protected from negative consequences such as water shutoffs as long as they stay current on their plan.

Who is eligible?

Starting on August 1, Newark residents who have past due debt can use this portal to sign up for payment plans. All past due customers will be eligible for a payment plan.

How flexible are these plans?

The PromisePay Portal provides a comprehensive payment platform, which includes:

  • Options to enroll to set up payment plans online, by mobile phone, or call center.
  • Convenient payment types (credit/debit card, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo).
  • Text reminders and notifications.
  • Payment flexibility and plan management with options to request a one-time due-date extension, modify due dates, and change payment methods.