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The City of Newark’s Water and Sewer system dates back to the 1880s. Although it is an old system, it is an effective one. Newark ranks as having one of the best quality, best tasting water in the State of New Jersey. Various independent engineering studies have shown that over the next ten years, the City will need to make improvements to the system, totaling approximately $450 million, in order to continue to efficiently supply its residents with quality water. Major improvements are needed in each of the City’s wards. Some of these projects and improvements are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection so that our water supply and sewer collection system meet federal and state regulations. The Mayor, Municipal Council and the Department plan to implement infrastructure and operational changes and upgrades that will provide the most improvement to the water and sewer system with the greatest benefit to the City and its residents.

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Breana Whittaker 973-256-4965

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