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Queen Ditch Restoration Project

The Queen Ditch is an open ditch located at the western end of International Way which is currently blocked thereby the CSO overflow cannot be drained through the ditch system to ultimately flow into the Newark Bay. Currently during wet weather this area experiences significant flooding because there is no storm water drainage through the Queen Ditch. The Queen Ditch is to be re-activated by dredging the ditch to its original design capacity and by installation of pre-cast concrete box culvert, and also includes installation of a CSO solids/floatables control netting facility. Construction contract bidding is scheduled for March 23, 2017, and project is expected to continue through summer of 2018.

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Contact information

Mohamed Ahmed, (973) 733-5360



APPROXIMATELY $4,000,000.00

NJEIT low interest loan #S340815-22



Contract 04-WS2013