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Small Sewer Evaluation & Rehabilitation Program

Comprehensive Structural Evaluation of approximately 350 miles and Rehabilitation of Small Diameter Sewers city wide. Small diameter sewers are of diameter 22-inch and smaller and are made of various materials such as Vitrified Clay, PVC, Concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron, ductile iron, corrugated metal. Phase-1 Evaluation by city’s consultant CDM Smith is currently ongoing. Majority of the internal sewer inspection is being performed by robotic inspection technique employed by RedZone Robotics LLC, without the need for any above ground equipment setup, and with CCTV inspection for the remaining locations. Rehabilitation Construction is to begin in Fall 2016 and will continue throughout 2019.

West Ward Small Sewer Map

South Ward Small Sewer Map

Contact information

Sam Mohamed & , Mohamed Ahmed (973) 733-5360



APPROXIMATELY $4,000,000.00

NJEIT low interest loan #S340815-24