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Newark DIG

About Newark DIG 

Newark DIG (Doing Infrastructure Green), established in 2013, is committed to continuously improving the quality of life, health, and viability of the City of Newark and its residents through the use of strategic collaborative methods including: community-driven urban design, public policy planning, environmental and social justice advocacy, education, and local capacity building. DIG's primary goal is the establishment of sustainable green infrastructure as the first line of defense to better manage stormwater runoff, improve water quality and resiliency to flooding, and reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs), with a focus on the Passaic River and its tributaries. 

About GI Reformers

The GI “Green Infrastructure” REFORM campaign’s primary objective is to provide each of the wards of Newark with a DIG liaison that will be responsible for building the capacity of community based organizations and local residents through educational trainings and community meetings. In addition, the community liaison will be responsible for generating support and engagement from Newark residents to support following DIG priorities.

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